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According to a recent study from the World Health Organization (WHO), mental health problems such as depression account for nearly half of all disability among young people age 10-24. More than 80% of youth in our Juvenile Court System suffer with a mental, emotional and /or behavioral disorder, and at least 60% of young adults with a serious mental illness are not able to complete high school and/or obtain gainful employment. National statistics indicate... former foster care youth are diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at 6 times the rate of the general population and double the rate of Veterans returning from War.


Maternal Depression: Why It Matters to an Anti-Poverty Agenda for Parents and Children (CLASP March 2014)
Maternal depression is a major public health problem that interferes with a parent’s capacity to help a child develop and stymies their efforts to escape poverty. Strong and consistent evidence indicates that a mother’s untreated depression undercuts young children’s development, including risks to learning, success in school, and adult success. The effects can be lifelong, including “lasting effects on [children’s] brain architecture and persistent disruptions of their stress response systems.”4 A thorough review of this research by the National Research Council and Institute of Medicine finds that maternal depression endangers young children’s cognitive, socio-emotional, and behavioral development, as well as their learning and physical and mental health over the long term.5

Treating maternal depression is crucial to improving parenting and getting children’s development back on track for school and adult success, including escaping poverty.

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